Sunday, September 18, 2016


We'll be returning to Uganda again in less than two months… most of you already know that…but do you know why?  AND the reason that today plays an important role in why we go?

Today, September 18th….. IS the primary reason.  Without the loss on this day 11 years ago…. I often wonder if I would be on my way to Kampala, Uganda …let alone for the third time.  You see…. September 18, 2005 was the day the world lost a very loving, very influential and very wise person.  My cousin, Chuck Obremski, left this world on that day….my younger cousin…way too soon.  But he left those of us behind with a mission… to share his teachings and example around the globe. I always thought I wanted to go on a mission-type trip… but being the scaredy cat that I am…I told God he’d have to put the trip literally in my lap…and He did.

 Missing Chuck today, but thankful he left me with this desire to reach beyond my comfort zone and hopefully help to fulfill his mission to reach the world with the Word.
Learn more about Chuck and the mission he left us at

….and follow along here with us on our return to Mukono(I think I have figured out my ipad problems from last year) at the blog I hope again to write! 

I hope to give you all a firsthand account as Linda, Ryan, Betsy and I return this year along with Chuck and Linda’s niece Kaylee and at least 3 other friends of the Obremskis as we journey to Uganda.
We would love to have you partner with us….first off we covet your prayers for our safety, good health, and our ability to influence these young lives. Throughout the year we have collected donations of material goods and funds to bring a better way of life to our orphans by facilitating the building of new classrooms, dorm rooms, a shower facility and last year a water tank.  Many of you have chosen to sponsor our orphans with a one time or monthly donation and this year we are also seeking those who would help us provide a new mattress, a sheet set and pillow for each of our orphans. We have a wonderful group of ladies who sew for us year round…. we have new pillowcases, quite a few were made by an amazing young lady who used part of her summer vacation to sew for our children so that this year each child will now have a pillowcase to call their own; we have new dresses, skirts and shorts for our girls and boys;  we have a grandmother who has made each orphan a new quilt, a wonderful lady made our kids knitted caps and friends who are making and/or providing a towel and washcloth set for each child to use in the shower we hope to build.  The needs are great and we love that each of you have stepped up ….some out of your comfort zone too….and asked how and what you could do for the children of Hopeline…. Thank you so much….and God bless you!

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