Monday, November 7, 2016

The 2016 adventure is about to begin!!

Wrote this early Saturday morning…. 3am to be exact:

Here it is ...after 3 am and with only 3 more nights in my own bed.... I really should be sleeping but there are so many thoughts and worries running thru my head.... so here I am wide awake....while those around me are soundly snoring..... Harley, Lulu and John that is! 😴💤
My thoughts are turning to all you wonderful friends who are supporting me, Hopeline and our driver George. Your generosity with your time, your resources, your prayers and your treasures overwhelm and bless not only me but all of us going on our 2016 adventure....and no one more than George, Irene, Abby and Nina. You may never fully realize what an impact you are making....but I can tell you that you all are truly amazing -- you have inspired me to be a better person going forward. 

Then at church Saturday night one of the topics included this sentence:  We give to what we love. The example given was about a man who spent $20,000 for a seat at last week’s World Series game in Cleveland …. that is a LOT of money for 1 game!!  But I love that your heart chose to give to a person and a place you don’t even know….that you trust me to bring your blessings to Africa as I start this journey tomorrow.

My heart is full~
This year my heartfelt thanks go out to so many.... Brenda, Sharon, Pat, Rhonda, MaryEllen, Beth, Lori,  Leeanne, Hailey, Logan, Kelly, Elaine, Don, Linda, David, Lisa, Ginny & Howard, Cindy, Lenny, Kasia, MaryKay, Patti, Maria, Carol, Suzie, Lilianne, Hen, Sylvia, Claudia, Claire, Avery, LeaAnn, Pam, Holly, Denise, Geri, Dar, Malia, Cora, Fran, Paula, Pam, Trish, Donna, Theresa, Davena, Peggy, Kathy, Nancy, Jann, Peggy & Pat, Gay, Maralee, Susan, Karen, Julie, Charla, Betty, Ellen, Karen, LeeAnn, Ree, Carol, Marilyn, Pat & Doug, Barbara, Shannon, and Kathy….and so many more for your thoughts and prayers!

I hear we have 30 packed suitcases(wonder if that includes the 4 Betsy and I are bringing??) …. at least this year we are blessed to have 13 team members to help carry! 

Linda and the LAX crew leave Tuesday afternoon, Kaylee & Marcus are flying through Boston, all meeting up Wednesday in Dubai on Emirates. I leave tomorrow night thru PHL and DOH on AA/Qatar.... and we all arrive within minutes of each other Thursday in Entebbe!  Betsy, Holly and 2 more arrive in Uganda on Sunday. Then our team will be complete!

We are all looking forward to a wonderful trip to Hopeline! My fingers are crossed that my ipad will connect this year.... hoping to keep everyone up to date on our adventure! Also planning to visit with George, Irene, Abby and Nina and will post photos of how they are doing.

Again......THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

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