Friday, November 11, 2016

We are in Africa!!

We all arrived safely.....well almost not....the team on Emirates nearly were diverted due to an unruly passenger(no, not one of them 😉) Luckily our 2 policemen were on board to help!

I had 3 successful flights (2 red eyes!) on AA & Qatar....LAS-PHL-DOH-EBB landing in Uganda 30 minutes ahead of instead of behind the ones on Emirates. Going through Health and immigration was a snap and my luggage was already on a cart and waiting for me. Out of the gazillion suitcases we brought to Africa.... only 2 were delayed ...which included about 1000 lollipops and all of Marcus' clothes (he's one of the new guys this year) Good the Linda brought us all new tshirts for our first day at Hopeline we all looked great!

We missed having George at the airport to pick us up....Moses, Edgar and Jeffrey filled in...took 3 of them to fill his shoes! We loaded up the bus and off to Kampala we headed!

Friday we headed out to Hopeline bright and early to share with our first timers why we love being there so much!

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  1. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you!! Your adventure is just beginning!!!