Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Good morning from Kampala Uganda!  We arrived safe, sound and really tired! 😊

I left our house at 11am Saturday...and arrived at the our base here ... Apricot Guest House ....at 5pm Tuesday! That's 5 flights, 2 airlines, 1 hotel room at LAX, an 8+ hour whirlwind spin thru London between flights and then arriving here on time with ALL suitcases accounted for  .....although two will never be able to fly again! 

All went exceptionally well! Linda and I met at the LAX Hilton Saturday afternoon and enjoyed dinner with cousin Pat and Howard at a favorite of theirs....The Proud Bird! Then we were up at 4am for our 7 am flight to JFK. Checked in 10 suitcases without too much hassle (except the 2 of us grammies wrangling 10 giant suitcases, 2 roll aboard size bags and a backpack and a large tote size purse...on the Hilton shuttle and into the terminal) and then we headed to the gate. Betsy left SFO at around 8 am and met us at JFK where we all boarded our flight to London. Ryan followed us all on Emirates Airline, leaving LAX at about 3:30 Sunday afternoon!

In London and because of the snafu this summer over British Airlines deciding not to fly to Uganda anymore ...that left us with an almost 12 hour layover at London Heathrow!  So what do you do??  You hop on the Heathrow Express and tour the town and meet up with Betsy's college roommate Annie for lunch!

We arrived back at Heathrow at about 4pm for our 8:30 flight and spent some time dealing with our new carrier to Entebbe....Qatar Airlines!  Once we were assured all 14 checked bags were headed the right direction (which took up most of our free time at LHR), we headed to our next adventure in coach to Doha, Qatar on the Arabian Peninsula! 

After a quick connect we boarded for Entebbe....arriving here 15 minutes before Ryan! Pastor Roland and George were waiting for our arrival and after filling a van and a car with all of us and our 23 suitcases we headed to our home for the next 2+ weeks ......the Apricot Guest House in Kampala Uganda! 

Wednesday morning here now ...up at 6am.....and ready to see the children at the orphanage out in Mukono!

Thanks for following along on our adventure.....there's more to come!  ðŸ˜Š

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