Sunday, November 1, 2015

ONE week from today the OFFICIAL journey begins again!

Can you believe one year has passed by already! ....and very quickly I might add!

Linda and I will be meeting Saturday November 7th near LAX so that we'll be ready to board bright and early Sunday morning for our 7am flight ....thus beginning our L.O.N.G journey back to Uganda!  This year we are lucky to have 2 special fellow trekkers joining us.... my daughter Betsy and Linda and Chuck's son Ryan! Linda and I will meet Betsy at JFK to continue our journey to EBB while Ryan will (should) land in Uganda about 5 minutes before we do!

BUT....before we leave we are busy this week packing and weighing suitcases. So unless something changes...I am counting 18 suitcases between the 4 of us!  That is way more than last year.....but this year we have a better understanding and more knowledge about what the needs and wants are at Hopeline!

These past 6 months or so we have been honored to have the help of several (lots, tons, amazing numbers!!) of our friends who have blessed not only the children of Hopeline but also both Linda and me with your time, your talent and your generosity! We love you..... and the children of Hopeline will soon learn all about each and every one of you as they are blessed with the creations and gifts you are sending!

We look so forward to gifting these sweet children with this treasure trove of goodies!

Photos of more to come!!  
We are truly blessed and will pass on your blessings to others!


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