Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day Three

Another geat day with the children of Hopeline!  We are exhausted! 

As you may recall from last year I mentioned that you couldn't count on always having electricity, hot water or Internet! That was my problem last night and into this morning before we left for Hopeline. But even though it didn't look like it was working I was able to sneak in yesterday's blog post....minus a title or a photo or tagging Linda or Betsy.  Playing catch up today with this nifty little HotSpot device George picked I'm hoping this will be more reliable!

One of the pix I wanted to share yesterday....and I can't figure out why it wasn't included in the post ....was of how fascinated the children were with Ryan!  Not just because he's the only guy in our group- they were enthralled with his tattoos!
Upon arriving at the school today we started working on little projects we brought for the children. Most gathered in the main room and then we divided out some of the girls to make bracelets with beads Betsy brought with her. They loved this activity and many of the girls and even a few boys made several of these beaded creations!
They played more of their new favorite game...BINGO! And would you believe they had never seen a Hula Hoop before?  They were instant experts after a demo by Ryan! On Thursday we also gave each child a pencil case filled with pencils, a toothbrush and a lollipop! 😉
Today...Friday....are setting up our "store".....where each child all have the opportunity to shop for a new article of clothing, a pillowcase, a bed cover and a backpack to keep everything in. Thank you to everyone who created or contributed to this project! You have blessed the lives of these children immensely

 Hitting upload now.....this iPad and me are not working well together! Hope to post lots of pix tomorrow!

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