Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Back with the children at Hopeline!

DayTwo in Africa!
We woke up (some of us quite early) to pouring rain! Luckily though once we arrived at the orphanage in Mukono the sun was out which only added to joy we felt being back with the children!

They of course were waiting for us....the traffic as to be expected was terrible and the dirt road to school was worse than when we last travelled this way a year ago.  At one point we were stuck in a deep rut and we thought Ryan would have to get out and push! That WAS after he had to get out of the van and pull the little goat off the road so we could pass!

What a warm welcome great to be here again!
The children had planned a program for our arrival complete with song and dance! It was so nice to see their faces again and hear their sweet voices.  We were given a tour of the school grounds.... so many things had changed. Pastor Roland has big plans for Hopeline!

One thing that wasn't different at the orphanage was the children's desire to have their picture taken ....and then see themselves in the image....wish you could all see the smiles and hear the giggles from them when they recognize their face in the photo.
Best thing we did all day???  Linda brought BINGO! None of the children had played before and it didn't take long for this to become a favorite new activity for them!  (We also thought it would provide great number and letter recognition) 
Our time at Hopeline today passed by quickly and before long it was time to say goodbye for the day and head back to Kampala! We really enjoyed being back at the school.  Rachel, Pat and Maryann..... we missed you!  

We are now looking forward to tomorrow!

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