Sunday, November 16, 2014

Days of Celebration!

The last two days (Saturday and Sunday) have been days of great celebration at Hopeline!  On Saturday the parents of the school students were invited to attend a program and lunch in our honor at the mission.  The school area was all decked out with drapes of pink and blue satin creating a most festive look.  The children were all spiffed up as well in their new t-shirts that Linda had made for them-showing the connection between Chuck's ministry in Southern Ca and Hopeline Africa Mission here in Uganda! 

There are 16 students in the Children's Choir.....and you should hear them sing!  Through Chuck Obremski Ministries, Linda has been able to provide the school with a keyboard and sound system and what they have done with them is truly amazing!  I wish Blogger had sound!  You would be blown away!  One of the students, Grace, wrote a song to thank Linda for all she has done  ......and it is so wonderful and heartwarming!  They call Linda.....Mama Linda.....hence the title of the song!  

Here are some of the choir members....Grace is in the middle.  Pictured below them you see the kids teaching the "moves" of the song "Mama Linda" to Linda and Pat!

After the presentation on Saturday and again after the church service on Sunday a great lunch was prepared for the students and any family members in attendance. We were pleased and humbled to be able to serve them!

               We are having a wonderful time with the children of Hopeline Africa!


  1. Love reading these enteries and seeing all these photos! Love you all 💗