Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Leaving Kampala!

Today we left a piece of our hearts at Hopeline Africa Mission in Mukono Africa! It was so hard to say goodbye after the wonderful week we shared with the children and staff.  The faces, the hugs, the smiles, the kind words......the joy we found in Africa...we will treasure forever! We are now looking forward to our next adventure in Gulu....but we will never forget Hopeline!  

One of my "duties" today while at the orphanage was to take pictures of the children who actually live at the school. These are the ones who either have no parents or whose parents can't care for them.  They are also the ones who aren't lucky enough to even go to a home at night with another student! These are the precious children that Linda hopes to help through Chuck Obremski Ministries! In the coming months Linda will be setting up a sponsorship program to help the school provide basic necessities for these orphans. We would love to share more information with each and every one of you! Please contact Linda or any one of us if you think you can help the children of Hopeline Africa!

We leave for Gulu at O dark 500!!! My alarm is set for just 2 short hours from now, but before we leave wifi for awhile I wanted to share a few of my photos from our last day. Since I was busy taking the "school pictures" today....I missed some special photo ops I know! Plus we usually pool our pictures but there just wasn't any extra time it seemed.  I'll share what I have...then be back asap with more Hopeline Africa Mission pix! 

                                     Special bonds were made this week!


                                              It is never easy to say Good Bye!!


                                         Hopeline Africa Mision.......We'll be back!!


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  1. What a great pictorial of this portion of the trip!! BLESSED to read this and "see it." Thanks!!!