Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The best laid plans.......

So here we are....2 hours after we left in the dark from the Apricot Guest House....we are still in a Shell Gas station!  It seems your van need brakes to embark on a 5 hour road trip! The sun is now up, the traffic is flowing.....and here we sit while the men at the service station work on our brakes!  We are so thankful though that the problem popped up while we were still in the Big City!  Can you imagine what would have happened if we were 3 hours into our journey and discovered this problem?  Someone is watching over us!

                             The sun is now up and they are still working on those brakes!
                                       5:30AM                                              7:00AM  

We are finally back on the road passing miles and miles of amazing scenery!  At times though we found ourselves on what seemed like not a road at all. about potholes....some of the ones George tried to avoid were actually craters!!

After five and 1/2 hours we arrive at our destination and are warmly welcomed by the students and teachers of Christ the Center School in Gulu in northern Uganda.

Tomorrow we will be at the school for most of the day....then Friday is graduation and the dedication of the new home of Christ the Center school.  The land has been leveled and construction will begin soon! What an exciting time for Uganda!

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