Friday, November 21, 2014

Graduation Day

Rain...and more rain brings mud.....and more mud!  And cool weather!!  ....and here I thought since I was near the equator I'd be very warm all week and not need not pack my usual layers of sweaters!  

Graduation Day started early. The school has just acquired a plot of land a mile or two from their current campus, so in celebration they paraded to the graduation site (which is now just an open field) led by a full fledged marching band!  But before they arrived for the festivities, the new site needed a lot of prep work in order to host the hundreds of people who attended.  Dave G., Dave M., and Jeff arrived on site at 5:30am in the dark to begin the transformation.  When Pat and I arrived at about looked like there was quite a bit still to do.....but many hands make light work and just as the parade arrived at it's destination they found the the work was done......the matted floor was laid, the chairs were set up and cleaned and the tents with their buntings were all in place!  A grand celebration was about to begin!


                                          And what a fun celebration it was!

       Through Chuck Obremski Ministries Linda gave every student in the school a Bible!

             Tomorrow we head to Guru Guru for another day of amazing adventures!

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