Saturday, November 22, 2014

The long (and bumpy) road to Guru Guru!

Today was beyond amazing.....and the world we saw today is something I'm pretty sure not many of us would survive! We began our day with about a 3 hour drive on roads that ranged from a well paved 'highway' with lines painted down the middle to a rut filled dirt road.  At the end of this road we come to Guru Bible Church.  (pictured below)

Once again we were warmly welcomed by groups of small children.....precious little ones who may never have had a proper bath or worn new clothes. After touring the church and school facilities we were off on a walk into the unknown to the "home" of the little children sponsored by a couple in our group. Tracy and Jeff brought gifts from their home in Southern CA and also purchased locally, supplies for the family .....items they needed like roll-up mattresses, cooking oil, laundry soap, and more.  The Ugandan mother who lives in one of the pictured huts had her 3rd child in March.....a little girl she named Tracy!

Today I'm going to close by just posting photos from our latest adventure!  I challenge anyone to view these pictures and not feel an urgent need to thank God for our own circumstances....whatever they may be! I know some of us have problems and situations that we feel are dire.....but had you walked in my shoes would agree our material needs are few!  I feel extremely blessed today! 

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